New Blogger Post Editor

Brand New Blogger Post Editor

Blogger has added a brand new Post Editor which makes the previous one seem so ancient.
Just click on Settings option and scroll down to the Select Post Editor option then click updated editor.

Read More/Post Summaries Available in Blogger

Blogger have now enabled this for us to summarize our posts! No more laborious editing of the post HTML is required to display only summaries on our home pages :)

By using the Brand New Blogger Post Editor then you will see the Insert Jump Break option at the right side of the post editor.

Place your cursor where you would like to introduce the Read More link and click in the Insert Jump Break Option.

If you prefer not to use the new post editor, you just add the following code in the place where you would like the jump break to appear

A link to the full post will appear using the text "Read more >". If you prefer to use other words , you can change this wording on the Layout > Page Elements section of your dashboard by clicking the "Edit" link for your Blog Posts gadget:

Below the Main Page Options, you will see the Post page link text option. Enter the text that you want to appear replace of Read More.

That's it, now you are ready to use Read More feature for your blogger blog.